Global Centre for Work-Applied Learning

Global Centre for Work-Applied Learning

The Global Centre for Work-Applied Learning (GCWAL) is an independent research and consultancy centre that works with organizations and communities to build continuing positive change and increased managerial effectiveness using Work-Applied Learning (WAL).

GCWAL is committed to contributing to knowledge and improved practice of WAL including Work-Based Learning (WBL) and disseminating this pioneering knowledge globally.

GCWAL aims to bring together practitioners, scholars and organizations committed to WAL and related areas both in Australia and around the world. GCWAL engages in WAL research projects including: publications, conferences and seminars among other research activities. GCWAL offers WAL Consultancy in change management, innovation, continuous improvement and WAL Professional Development programs.

GCWAL is built from the innovative work of Emeritus Professor Selva Abraham, founding Chairman of Australian Institute of Business (AIB) and currently AIB’s Chairman of the Higher Education Advisory Council and Chairman of GCWAL. As a strong supporter of GCWAL, AIB is one of the organizations which, collaborate with GCWAL in Work-Applied Research and sponsors conferences in WAL and research projects.

Our Purpose

The goals of GCWAL

  • to promote the concepts and practice of WAL including Work-Based Management Learning and related areas;
  • to share up-to-date knowledge and improved practices of WAL and WBL globally;
  • to provide customized programs for ‘WAL for Change’ and WBL for management and learning;
  • to provide certification for Managers, Consultants and Practitioners who have undertaken Professional Development with GCWAL – such certification providing a pathway to postgraduate learning with select Higher Education Institutions;
  • to work with organizations to customize their in-house programs in order to achieve recognition of prior learning by Higher Education Institutions and create centres of WBL in such organizations;
  • to undertake research on WAL and WBL, using one or more of the following methods: Action Research and Action Learning, Case Research and Reflective Practice;
  • to encourage active debate and discussion of WAL issues and ideas with like-minded professionals and academics through leading-edge congresses; conferences; seminars; publication of books, journals, and articles; and globalizing the Journal of Work-Applied Management published by GCWAL and Emerald Publications; and
  • to establish strategic alliances and collaborations with like-minded academics, private, public, community organizations and other Higher Education Institutions.

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