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The Global Centre for Work-Applied Learning: A History

The Global Centre for Work-Applied Learning (GCWAL) is an independent research and consultancy centre specializing in Work-Applied Learning (WAL) and Work-Based Learning (WBL). It was founded from the creative and innovative work of its Chairman, Emeritus Professor Selva Abraham, who has undertaken consulting and research in profit, government and community organisations in WAL and WBL over the past 35 years.

Since 1979, Professor Selva Abraham has been consulting and exploring the use of WBL in manager development with private, and community organisations in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. He completed his MBA at Henley Business School where he experienced the use of the WBL process in his MBA Program.

From 1981 to 1993, he continued practicing as a Work-Based Management Learning Consultant and further investigated the integration of WBL, Management Learning & Development, and Change Management. One of the outcomes of integrating his consultancy and a planned research programme was his PhD in 1993, where he implemented a Work-Based Manager Development programme using Action Research.

Between 1994 to 2012, with the theoretical framework based on the research he was undertaking as a consultant, he extended WBL to WAL, culminating in the book on Work-Applied Learning for Change (2012/2015). During this period he presented a seminal paper with two other academics on the integrated Action Research and Action Learning (ARAL) model. This created the foundations for the WAL for Change model.

In 1996, he embedded the WBL process in the teaching and learning practice of the Australian Institute of Business (previously known as Gibaran Business School) and established WAL using Action Research, Case Research, and Reflective Practice for research masters and doctorates at the institute. This created the nexus between research and teaching and learning at AIB.

AIB has a consultancy and this has evolved and grown and now has become an independent research & consultancy practice called the Global Centre for Work-Applied Learning (GCWAL).

WAL has been registered as a Trademark in eight countries around the world and continues to be registered in other parts of the world.

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