Implementing Change Programme

The Implementing Change (IC) programme has been developed using a consultancy-oriented learning approach for middle or departmental managers who wish to work on a change project within their department. Participants are introduced to the concepts and practices of WBML, which they then use to plan and implement a project to achieve a specific workplace improvement.

In this programme, managers will reflect with experienced GCWAL facilitators on issues or problems within their organisations and go through a creative thinking and learning process using the WAL formula. They are introduced to the concepts and practices of Work-Based Management Learning (WBML), which they then use to plan and implement a project to achieve a specific workplace improvement.

With the guidance of the GCWAL facilitator and the use of the WAL formula, the managers will:

  • Apply the programme knowledge to identify a real departmental problem to be solved
  • Design a project as a solution with the support of their team
  • Implement the first cycle of the project, reflect and continuously adapt the solution based on real workplace feedback and changing needs, and
  • Be mentored to learn and reflect from the experience of solving the real-life work problem to achieve project and learning outcomes

The IC programme is Level 1 of the three-level Work-Based Management Learning series offered by GCWAL. The three levels within this series are shown below. Each consecutive level introduces new concepts, making the development process a gradual one, with growth in professional expertise over time.

Successful completion of the IC programme will result in the award of a certificate of completion. However participants have the option of obtaining certification from GCWAL as a Work-Based Management Learning Practitioner provided they meet additional criteria.

WBML Level 1

Implementing Change Programme

This level is designed to provide participants with specific knowledge and skills in the application of:

  • Work-Based Learning
  • Action Learning and Reflective Practice

On successful completion of this programme, participants would be competent to plan, deliver, and evaluate a Work-Based project.

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WBML Level 2

This level introduces participants to:

  • Negotiated Professional Development
  • Facilitative Leadership
  • Organisational Learning & Knowledge Management Application

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WBML Level 3

This level requires participants to implement a major Work-Based Learning Project for a maximum of 16 months.

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