Leading and Managing Change Programme

The Leading and Managing Change (LMC) programme is designed for chief executives and senior managers who wish to lead organisational change by working with their managers and teams to introduce change and innovation into their organisation, for example by undertaking incremental improvements, adding a new feature to a current product, making a system or process more efficient, and/or planning and implementing new ideas to address challenges.

In this programme chief executives or divisional managers will reflect with experienced GCWAL facilitators on issues or problems within their organisations and go through a creative thinking and learning process using the WAL formula to plan and implement organisational or divisional change.

With the guidance of the facilitator and the use of the WAL formula, chief executives or divisional managers and their teams will:

  • Identify and diagnose the need for innovation and organisational change
  • Properly research the problem and process
  • Construct a design for a sustainable change plan
  • Lead and manage the people issues involved in the change process, and
  • Communicate change in a motivating and emotionally intelligent way

The LMC programme is Level 1 of the Work-applied Learning Change Management series offered by GCWAL. There are three levels within the WAL Change Management series as shown below. Each consecutive level involves deliverables and the undertaking of relevant online learning and virtual collaboration. The change process is a gradual one, with growth in professional expertise over time.

Successful completion of the LMC programme will result in the award of a certificate of completion. However, participants have the option of obtaining certification from GCWAL as a Work-Applied Learning Change Practitioner provided they meet additional criteria.

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