Journal of Applied Management – Volume 4, 2011


The Gibaran Journal of Applied Management provides an authoritative source of applied management information for scholars, academics, practising managers and professionals.

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Volume 4, 2011
Table of Contents

Developing a knowledge management effectiveness model for local governments ABSTRACT PDF
Karen White, Chris Riley 1-21
Learning how to invest: using reflective practice to understand how a Malaysian fund manager makes decisions ABSTRACT PDF
Samsukri Glanville bin Mohamad, Chad Raymond Perry 22-57
How can action research be used to change an organization towards a market orientation? ABSTRACT PDF
Diane Robyn Kalendra 58-94

Case Studies and Case Analyses

Delegation of authority and responsibility in a family business ABSTRACT PDF
Kamel al Akhal 95-113
Leadership Development at independent secondary colleges: a needs analysis case study focused on leadership development infrastructure ABSTRACT PDF
Phadrah Torelle 114-141
Internal perceptions of pricing methodology in small accounting firms in Australia ABSTRACT PDF
Devan Seamans 142-164

ISSN: 1836-5159

The journal was first launched in 2008 as the Gibaran Journal of Applied Management, 6 volumes were published between 2008-20014.

Effective 2015 the journal was renamed as the Journal of Work Applied Management and is published by Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

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