Journal of Applied Management – Volume 6, Number 2, 2014


The Gibaran Journal of Applied Management provides an authoritative source of applied management information for scholars, academics, practising managers and professionals.

Publishers Notice The mention of a product, person or company in this Journal does not indicate the publishers endorsement. The views expressed in this Journal do not necessarily represent the opinion of the publisher, its agents, company officers or employees.


How to make the whole of your medium-sized enterprise more intrapreneurial
Brett Dale, Chad Perry
A participatory action research study of knowledge management implementation in a large European telecommunication company in their UK office
Simon Walker, Shankar Sankaran
LAMP: Leadership, Advocate, Management, Professional – a new simple and dynamic medical management competency model for doctors
Erwin Loh

Case Studies and Case Analyses

Switching the focus: driving income growth in the Australian financial services industry through strategic operations rather than traditional product development
Robert Morris, Karen White
How does contemporary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in a five star hotel dining room improve guest experience?
Adam Hartman


Interview with Steve Maras of Maras Group – Building a sustainable property group: an entrepreneur’s perspective
Martin Haese, Chad Perry

The journal was first launched in 2008 as the Gibaran Journal of Applied Management, 6 volumes were published between 2008-2014.

Effective 2015 the journal was renamed as the Journal of Work Applied Management and is published by Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

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