The Global Centre for Work-Applied Learning (GCWAL) is an independent research and consultancy centre that works with organisations and communities to build continuing positive change and increased managerial effectiveness using Work-Applied Learning (WAL).

GCWAL is committed to contributing to knowledge and improved practices of WAL including Work-Based Learning (WBL) and disseminating this pioneering knowledge globally.


Work-Applied Learning (WAL)

Work-Applied Learning (WAL) is an effective, practical process of team-focused learning, relevant to the immediate workplace or community setting, and designed to promote innovation, continuous improvement and effect continuing positive change in those settings.

The WAL process is an extension of the Work-Based Learning (WBL) approach. Whereas WBL is focused on individual and team learning to create and apply knowledge in their workplace, WAL focuses on organisational learning as well as individual and team learning. This has a flow on effect improving the manager’s contribution to their immediate team and also wider organisation.

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2017 'WAL for Change Conference in Adelaide, Australia

GCWAL hosted the 2017 ‘WAL for Change Conference in Adelaide, Australia from 27-28 November 2017.

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