Implementing Change Programme

Work-Based Management Learning (WBML) is a well-recognised method for manager development, which impacts on the performance of managers working on real problems within organisations to produce tangible solutions and outcomes for their organisation and their divisions. The process uses teams of people working on projects that address real problems and issues of concern in their departments or divisions to achieve significant improvements while at the same time enhancing the managers’ skills and the abilities of their teams.

The Implementing Change (IC) programme is designed to enable the participants to understand the concepts and practices of WBML and how these can be used for planning and implementing projects to achieve effective workplace improvement. The programme has been developed for middle or departmental managers who wish to work on a change project within their department.

With the guidance of the facilitator and the use of the WAL formula, the participants will:

  • Apply the programme knowledge to identify a REAL departmental problem to be solved
  • CO-DESIGN a project as a solution with the support of their team
  • Implement the first cycle of the project, reflect and continuously adapt the solution based on REAL workplace feedback and changing needs, and
  • Be mentored to learn and reflect from the experience of solving the real-life work problem to achieve project and learning outcomes

The programme has also been designed for present and potential managers in the private and public sector including non-profit and voluntary organisations, and will require endorsement from their employer to base projects on their workplace.

The IC programme is Level 1 of the Work-based Management Learning series as shown in the diagram.
The diagram also shows the options available to the IC participants who want to learn and develop further as Work-Based Management Learning Practitioners.

WBML Level 1

Implementing Change Programme

This level is designed to provide participants with specific knowledge and skills in the application of:

On successful completion of this programme, participants would be competent to plan, deliver, and evaluate a Work-Based project.

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WBML Level 3

This level requires participants to implement a major Work-Based Learning Project for a maximum of 16 months.

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GCWAL continues to collaborate and partner with organisations, communities and higher education institutions in order to share up to date knowledge and improve practices in Work-Based Learning (WBL) and Work-Applied Learning (WAL).

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  • Entrepreneurship Institute of Australia
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