Work-Based Management Learning Programs

Work-Based Management Learning

Work-Based Learning (WBL) is a well-recognised method for manager development, which impacts on the performance of managers working on real problems within organizations to produce tangible solutions and outcomes for their organisation and their divisions. The process uses teams of people working on projects that address real problems and issues of concern in their departments or divisions to achieve significant improvements while at the same time enhancing the managers’ skills and the abilities of their teams.

The programs are designed to enable the participants to understand the concepts and practices of WBL and the knowledge area and how these can be used for planning and implementing projects to achieve effective workplace improvement.

The programs are also designed for present and potential managers in the private and public sector including non-profit and voluntary organisations, and will require endorsement from their employer to base projects on their workplace.

Participants will typically be from middle management or at a senior level of the organisation. The types of Work-Based Management Learning modules that can be undertaken are as follows and are delivered via online learning and virtual collaboration:

  1. Critical Leadership Issues for Managers
  2. Enhancing the Creativity and Innovation of Organisations
  3. Managing Effective and Efficient Operations
  4. Tactical Marketing in Action
  5. Work-Based Learning for Human Resource Development Practitioners
  6. Critical Issues in Reward Management
  7. Succession Planning
  8. Critical Issues for Family Business Management
  9. Project Planning and Implementation
  10. Work-Based Learning Facilitator Development Model
Assessment Instrument for Work-Based Management Learning Orientation

In order to assess the degree to which an organisation is practising Work-Based Management Learning, questions on the following dimensions of WBL were developed:

  • Work-Based Learning practices
  • Facilitative Leadership practices
  • Action Learning and Reflective Practice processes
Work-Based Management Learning Programs Undertaken since 1981 – 2016

Previous participants who have participated in Work-Based Management Learning programs have come from:

Name of Organization Location
Banque Nationale de Paris Singapore Branch
Institute of Banking and Finance Singapore
Singapore Institute of Management and Institute of Public Relations Singapore
Global Carrier Berhad Malaysia
Muresk Institute of Agriculture, Curtin University Australia
Management Development Centre of Edwards International Group Australia
Institute of Banking and Finance Malaysia
Management Development Centre (Civil Service Institute) Singapore
Department of Aboriginal Affairs Western Australia
Union Bank of Switzerland Singapore Branch
Aboriginal Community Organisations Australia Australia
Department of Aboriginal Affairs South Australia
Department of Aboriginal Employment Education Development Unit South Australia
The Australian Institute of Management Australia
Australia The Aboriginal Sobriety Group (ASG) Australia Australia
The Riverland Aboriginal Alcohol Program (RAAP) Australia
The Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council (S.A.) Inc. Australia
Pioneer Homes Australia
Marketing Institute of Singapore Singapore
The Chief Minister’s Department, Sarawak Malaysia
Australia Post Australia (SA)
MBT Singapore Singapore
South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service Australia (SA)
The Internal Revenue Commission Papua New Guinea
Monash Health Australia
Australian Institute of Business Australia
Epic Valley Holdings Group Malaysia
BAE Systems Australia
Eastern Pretech Singapore & Malaysia
Light Regional Council  Australia
Baulderstone  Australia
Baptist Care Australia

Interested in understanding your WBL orientation?

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