Graduate Work-Readiness

The Graduate Work-Readiness (GWR) Programme has been developed by Work Readiness Institute Australia (WRIA) in collaboration with Global Centre for Work-Applied Learning (GCWAL), its research and development partner.

Research shows that while most graduates have technical skills that they have acquired during their tertiary studies, they usually need to develop the soft skills that will allow them to smoothly transition into the workplace. These skills include communication, problem-solving, decision making, self-management, working with others, and coping with conflict and organisational politics.

The Graduate Work-Readiness (GWR) Programme has been designed to help new graduates, who have not previously worked in an organisation to develop those soft skills through a structured learning approach, so that they can add value to their organisation as quickly as possible. As part of the programme, graduates will complete a behavioural questionnaire to gain awareness of their strengths and challenge areas and undertake a project as identified by their manager.

The programme content is delivered online with in-built support from facilitators. The programme is work-based since the learning takes place at work and for work through the real-life project. While undertaking the project, the graduate will have opportunities to develop soft skills such as working with others, communication, problem-solving, taking feedback and time management. This enables the learning to be directly integrated into the graduate’s work situation.
The manager of each graduate plays a crucial role in firstly identifying a workplace problem for the participant to address by way of a project and then by monitoring the progress of the project.

The duration of the programme is 16 weeks (4 months), during which the graduates will plan and implement their project. They will produce a project plan, progress reports and a final report which will contain their reflections about their development and learning which they have undertaken.

Successful completion of the GWR programme will result in the award of Certificate of Completion of the Graduate Work Readiness Programme.
The GWR programme is Level 1 of the Graduate Talent Development series as shown in the diagram below. Progression through the series introduces new concepts and skills with the aim of further developing the graduates’ skills and expertise.

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