Research into the application of Work-Applied Learning (WAL) as a change model
has been undertaken over the last 30 years by Emeritus Professor Selva Abraham. This model integrates the fused Action Research method and the Action Learning process (ARAL) and Reflective Practice. The research has been undertaken with private and public sector, and community organisations, working closely with senior academics as well as Masters and Doctoral research candidates.

The following academics have contributed significantly to this research:

  • the late Dr Anthony Jackson, Henley Business School
  • Professor Peter OBrien, Flinders University
  • Professors Chad Perry and Barry Ritchie, Southern Cross University
  • Professors Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt and Ron Passfield, Griffiths University
  • Professor Peter Songan, University Malaysia Sarawak
  • Professors Jonathan Garnett and Carol Costley, Middlesex University
  • the late Professor Ruth Helyer, Leeds Trinity University
  • Professors Rod Oxenberry and Dora Briggs, University of South Australia
  • Professor Tony Wall, Chester University

Doctoral Research graduates who have investigated the WAL model under the supervision or advice of Professor Abraham include:

  • Dr Mohamad Hashim
  • Dr Kauko Karvinnen
  • Dr Alois Daton
  • Dr F’ng Ah Seng
  • Dr Joseph Khan
  • Dr Lisa Mohammed
  • Dr Natalie Holyoake
  • Dr Param Abraham
  • Masters graduates who have undertaken major research projects using Action Research and Action Learning include 24 candidates from University Malaysia Sarawak and 31 from Australian Institute of Business.

    This research has enabled the following outcomes:

    • The accreditation of Masters by research and doctoral programmes using Action Research and Action Learning at Australian Institute of Business (formerly Gibaran Business School) thus making it the first non-university higher education provider in Australia to achieve this distinction
    • Delivery of Master’s and doctoral seminars on Action Research and Action Learning for University of South Australia, University of Malaysia Sarawak and Australian Institute of Business
    • Supervision of and advising on Master’s and Doctoral theses for candidates at University of South Australia, Southern Cross University and Australian Institute of Business
    • International conferences on the use of Work-Applied Learning
    • The Journal of Work-Applied Management published by Emerald Publishing and WAL Publications. It began in 2008 as the Gibaran Journal of Applied Management
    • Publications in Work-Applied Learning, Work-Based Learning, and on the use of Action Research and Action Learning
    • The development of Practitioners in Work-Based Learning and Work-Applied Learning

    Collaborative Research & Development

    Collaboration and dissemination of ideas are at the core of GCWAL’s success. We undertake collaborative research and development in WAL with a number of higher learning institutions, organisations and subject experts. Our findings are shared globally through publications, conferences, and events.