GCWAL’s focus is to empower present and potential managers, whether at junior, middle or senior level, to plan and implement change in their organisations, through various change programmes.

Programme Requirements

Each change programme requires the manager to identify an organisation problem or issue which will be addressed through a change project. With the guidance of the GCWAL Programme Advisor, the manager will acquire relevant knowledge to be applied to the change project and will work with their team to plan and implement the change project. The manager will develop a project plan and will implement the plan, working closely with their team. This implementation process will include reflecting on the project, learning and process outcomes. At the end of the change programme the manager will undertake a presentation of the change project to management and independent stakeholders and report on the project outcomes, learning outcomes and process outcomes.

The manager will develop a written report comprising 1) a Project Plan for the change project and 2) an Implementation Report which records the process and outcomes achieved during the implementation of the change project.

Certificate Of Completion

The managers will be awarded a Certificate of Completion when they have completed the report.

Practitioner Certification

Managers who meet the entry requirements for postgraduate study and complete the additional academic components of the reports will be awarded a Practitioner Certificate relevant to the change programme.

There are 4 stages of Practitioner Certification as shown in the diagram, available at the option of managers:

Stage 1 Certification

  • AL Facilitator

Stage 2 Certification

There are 3 certifications at this stage:

  • WAL Practitioner
  • WBL Practitioner
  • AL Practitioner

Stage 3 Certification

  • WAL Change Practitioner

Stage 4 Certification

  • WAL Change Advisor

Each Practitioner Certification is described in more detail in the diagram below: