Work-Applied Learning (WAL) for Organisational Change Programs

Work-Applied Learning (WAL) for Organisational Change Programs

A typical WAL for organisational change program comprises a number of Action Research (AR) cycles. The phases within each AR cycle are as follows:

  • AR Group meetings;
  • Knowledge Sessions;
  • Work-Based Phases; (which incorporates the Action Learning Process)
  • Joint Observations and Reflections;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the Cycle; and
  • Validation of the Program after 2 Cycles.

In a WAL Program, the AR Group normally comprises six to eight managers nominated by the organisation to participate in the program and a Work-Applied Change consultant.

The Work-Applied Change Consultant is either an internal or external change agent who has conceptual knowledge and practical experience in undertaking organisational change using WAL. Normally, he/she is a certified Work-Applied Change Consultant.

The Work-Applied Change Consultant plays the role of a mentor and advises the managers on the planning and implementation of the program including:

  • Establishing the organisational need or problem;
  • Reviewing and Reflecting on the need or problem in the context of the relevant Knowledge; and
  • Identification of the WAL Program and the WBL projects to be implemented to address the need or problem.

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