Global Centre for Work-Applied Learning (GCWAL) is committed to ensuring fairness and consistency in the delivery and assessment of the courses/modules it provides.

  1. Definitions

    Deliverable refers to any form of assessable work produced by participants including, project plans and project reports.

    Business day refers to a day other than a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday in South Australia.

  2. Information for participants

    1. For each module, participants will be provided with details on the learning outcomes, required content and form of each deliverable, the due dates of draft and final submissions and a clear statement on the nature and unacceptability of academic misconduct, including plagiarism.
    2. Participants are expected to comply with the word limit requirements set out for each deliverable. A 10% tolerance above or below the word limit is allowed. A deliverable which is more than 10% under the word limit will be marked on its merits. If the word count for a deliverable is more than 10% above the required word limit the assessment will not take into account the excess words.
    3. Participants must obtain and keep with them, the necessary consents from management of any organisation(s) on which they base their deliverables.
    4. Participants must comply with the writing conventions set out in the GCWAL Style Guide.
    5. Participants must submit each deliverable by the due date stipulated.
    6. If participants require an extension, a written request together with the reason for the request must be forwarded to GCWAL at least 2 business days before the due date. The extension may be granted at the sole discretion of GCWAL.
    7. Where no extension has been granted and the submission is received by GCWAL after the due date, the participant will be awarded a Fail grade for that particular deliverable.
    8. If participants are found to have plagiarised or otherwise breached the Academic Integrity policy, penalties will apply, and they may receive a Fail grade for the module.
    9. If participants have failed a module, they should refer to clause 5 below, to know what action they can take.
  3. Draft submissions

    Participants are encouraged to submit a draft of their assessed deliverable in order to obtain feedback and guidance. Feedback may be provided in a written or verbal form.

  4. Marking

    1. The marking scale for all deliverables is either a Pass or Fail. To achieve a Pass a participant must meet the learning outcomes for a module.
    2. All work assessed will be subject to internal moderation by a second assessor. The sample for moderation will include all work given a fail grade and 10% of all other assessed work.
  5. GCWAL Assessment Panel

    1. All grades and overview moderator comments will be submitted to the GCWAL Assessment Panel for final agreement.
    2. The Assessment Panel shall consist of the Assessor and Moderator for each module where grades are being determined and a neutral Chair designated by the Chief Executive of GCWAL.
    3. The Assessment Panel will meet at least quarterly with additional meetings arranged as required to ensure the timely processing of assessment decisions. Meetings may be virtual or include virtual attendance at the discretion of the Chair of the Assessment Panel. A formal record will be kept of all Assessment Panel meetings.
  6. Failing a module

    1. A participant who receives a ‘Fail’ grade will be allowed to submit a second version on payment of a marking fee. The participant should contact GCWAL for information about the marking fee and due date for the second version.
    2. If a participant receives a ‘Fail’ grade for the second version and wishes to remain in the programme, the participant must re-enrol in the module and pay the relevant module fee. Re-enrolment is at the discretion of GCWAL and is not automatic.
  7. Appeal

    1. A participant dissatisfied with their final grade may submit an appeal to the Academic Director or nominee. The appeal must be in written form. It must state the basis for the appeal and include any evidence that the participant considers relevant. The appeal must be sent to the Operations Manager, GCWAL within ten (10) business days of publication of the final grade.
    2. Following due consideration of the application, the Academic Director or nominee will provide the participant with a written response to the appeal which will include the reasons for the decision. The original result may be confirmed, or the result may be amended. This process should be completed within thirty (30) business days of the appeal being submitted by the participant.
  8. Record keeping and confidentiality

    A written record of all appeals handled under this policy and their outcomes shall be maintained for a period of at least 5 years and shall be treated as confidential. Upon written request, a participant may be able to access their record relating to the appeal.

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