WAL Change Programmes Overview


Our suite of WAL Change programmes enable change at an individual, team, and organisational level and are categorised as:

All programmes are delivered in a virtual mode so that participants do not have to be away from their workplace while undertaking their programme.

Work-Based Learning Programmes

GCWAL’s Individual Change Programmes, as well as Manager and Team Change programmes use the Work-Based Learning approach grounded in Action Learning and/or Reflective Practice.

We are committed to the use of work-based learning in developing present and potential managers as well as non managerial staff, including new graduates. Our work-based learning programmes are designed for those who are in the transition of change in their careers. This could include transitioning into their first job in an organisation, their first management job, a new middle management position or a new business role where they require new business and management concepts and processes, including human skills.

Each participant will identify a meaningful workplace issue, address this issue through a real-life work-based project that they undertake with their team using action learning, apply management and business concepts to the work-based project in the organisation, reflect with their team on the work-based project and other interpersonal and inter-group experiences, and reflect with their team on the work-based project and other interpersonal and inter-group experiences, and critically analyse and engage in reflective thinking.

The process of undertaking the work-based learning project is built around critical reflection and the learnings that flow from the work on the work-based learning project. Careful thought, meditation and critical reflection about what participants are faced with and what they might do, generally brings considerable benefit and richness to their actions. We use the term“critical reflection” to cover this ability to engage in careful thinking and finding insights about what has happened and what they have learned. GCWAL’s work-based learning programmes are designed to allow this to happen through its action learning and/or reflective practice processes.

Individual Change

These programmes are for individual professional development.

Manager and Team Change

These programmes enable managers and their teams to implement change at a departmental level.

Work-Applied Learning Programmes

Our Organisational Change programmes on the other hand use our unique Work-Applied Learning model based on the Action Research method data collection and Action Learning and Reflective Practice processes.

Organisational Change

Organisational change is a strategic change process which normally takes a number of years to complete.

Our WAL1 for Change Programme enables senior managers to work with their management teams in planning and implementing change across their departments or divisions. On completion of this programme, the senior managers may wish to sustain this change process by proceeding to the WAL2 for Change programme. Thereafter, if the change programme requires to be further sustained, the senior managers and their teams could undertake the WAL3 for Change programme. This has a duration of 12 months which is divided into a planning stage of 4 months and an implementation stage of 8 months.