Some of our Work-Based Learning programmes can be offered under licensing arrangements.

The Programme Licensing model of GCWAL involves strategic alliances which enable specific GCWAL programmes to be made available to different segments of the private, public and community sectors, through a licensing agreement. There are 3 types of licensing models : Corporations, Associations and Public Sector as shown in the diagram.

  1. Under this model, select GCWAL programmes will be licensed to corporations, associations or public sector organisations for the promotion and delivery to their employees and in the case of associations, to the employees of their members.
  2. Currently, licensing arrangements are available for :

  3. The licensing agreement sets out the terms of the license including the financial arrangements as well as the roles and responsibilities of GCWAL and the licensee such as:
    • a) quality assurance mechanisms for the promotion of programmes, recruitment of the leaders and managers and programme facilitation,
    • b) compliance with anti-bribery requirements, and
    • c) relevant insurance cover.
  4. These programmes will be delivered by a pool of GCWAL- approved Programme Facilitators. They will work closely with GCWAL Advisors and become part of the GCWAL Community of Learning, which will enable them to sustain and enhance their professional development.
  5. In order for Programme Facilitators to be approved by GCWAL, individuals must have:
    • a) a relevant postgraduate qualification
    • b) between 4 to 5 years of current middle management experience in working with teams or managing projects, and
    • c) successfully completed a WAL Change programme which is one level higher than the programme they will facilitate and have received the award of the appropriate WAL Practice Certificate from GCWAL.
  6. Individuals who satisfy the criteria in 5 a) and b) may nevertheless be able to facilitate
    programmes listed in 2 a) and b) above, while undertaking the Implementing Work-Based Change programme. They will work closely with GCWAL Advisors who will monitor their progress and facilitation and assessment skills.
  7. GCWAL will enrol all the leaders and managers and is responsible for quality assurance and certification.