WAL Practitioner Certifications

As stated earlier, our WAL Change Programmes are designed to develop leaders and managers to implement change in their organisations. Provided they complete the plan and implementation reportof their deliverables as well as additional components showing the linkage and rationalisation of their practice with the relevant concepts, they will be awarded the relevant WAL Practitioner Certification.

The WAL Practitioner Certifications will be co-badged by GCWAL and Action Learning Action Research Association Ltd (ALARA).

Holders of the WAL Practitioner Certifications are eligible for advanced standing in Masters level studies at select institutions of higher education in the UK and Australia. Further details are available on request.

The WAL Change programmes and their relevant WAL Practitioner Certifications are as shown below.

    Facilitating Action Learning Teams

  • Action Learning and Reflective Practice
  • Certified Action Learning Facilitator
    Implementing Work-Based Change


  • Action Learning and Reflective Practice, and
  • Work-Based Learning Project
  • Certified Work-Based Learning Practitioner
    Change using Action Research and Action Learning


  • Action Learning and Reflective Practice, and
  • Organisational Change through Action Research
  • Certified Action Research Action Learning Practitioner

    Subject to completion of Levels 2 or 3.

    Work-Applied Learning for Change


  • Action Learning and Reflective Practice
  • Work-Based Learning Project
  • Organisational Change through Action Research
  • Organisational Learning for Knowledge Management and Application
  • Certified Work-Applied Learning Change Practitioner

    Subject to completion of Level 4.

    WAL Practitioner Research

  • Practitioner Research Proposal
  • Practitioner Research Project
  • Certified Work-Applied Learning Change Advisor

The programmes in Levels 1, 2 and 3 can be done in any order and credit will be given for modules previously completed. However, such credit is subject to applicable time limits.

Individuals who have successfully completed a Masters or Doctorate including a major dissertation/thesis using action research and action learning are eligible to apply to GCWAL for the award of Certified Work-Applied Learning Change Advisor.

Quality Assurance of Certifications

Select modules comprising our WAL Change programmes were accredited and granted credit status at postgraduate level for a period of 6 years by Middlesex University in 2014, Leeds Trinity University in 2018 and Australian Institute of Business in 2021. Such credit status is evidence of the recognition of GCWAL’s academic standards by these institutions of higher learning. Additional recognition is demonstrated by the co-badging by ALARA with GCWAL of the Certificates of Completion awarded to participants who have completed the WAL Change programmes.

Having had the recognition from the Institutions mentioned above, GCWAL has decided to have its own WAL Practice Certifications as listed above for participants in the WAL Change programmes who meet the standards equivalent to these institutions. The quality standards of WAL Change programmes and the award of the WAL Practice Certifications will be monitored by the Practice Certification Panel (PCP). The PCP will be comprised of present and past academics from institutions of higher learning in the UK and Australia as well as select senior executives of organisations, with the chairman being the former director of the Work-Based Learning Institute, Middlesex University who has been the GCWAL Director of Academic and Research since 2017.