is designed for Individual Change

The Work Readiness for Change programme is designed to enable current and new employees, including graduates, to develop the people skills which are essential for them to add value to their organisation as quickly as possible.

This programme is delivered over 4 months, with in-built support from GCWAL Advisors. Where there is a licensing arrangement in place (see below for details), the in-built support is provided by licensed Programme Facilitators.

What Does the Programme Involve?

Each participant will undertake a real-life Work-Readiness project to develop their people skills. As they undertake their duties at the workplace, the participants will apply the knowledge they acquire to develop essential skills such as working with others, communication, problem-solving, taking feedback and time management and to reflect and learn from their experiences.

Participants will complete a project plan, monthly reflective reports and a final report on their experiences and future plans.

Licensing Arrangements

This programme can be offered under a Programme Licensing agreement as follows:

  • It can be licensed to corporations, associations and public sector organisations for facilitation to their employees.
  • The financial arrangements will be set out in the licensing agreement.
  • This programme will be facilitated by a pool of GCWAL-approved Programme Facilitators engaged by the Licensee.
  • In order to be approved by GCWAL as Programme Facilitators, they must :
    • undertake the Facilitating Action Learning Teams Programme, and have
    • a relevant postgraduate qualification, and at least 3 years of management experience in working with teams and managing projects.
  • The programme facilitators will be monitored by GCWAL Advisors for quality assurance purposes.

This video is about a Work Readiness for Change Programme that has been customised for graduates.