The WAL 1 for Change Programme

is designed for CEOs and Divisional Directors who wish to lead organisational change by working with their managers and teams to introduce change and innovation into their organisation.

The programme is delivered over 8 months, with online content and in-built support from experienced GCWAL facilitators. 

The CEOs and Divisional Directors will reflect with the GCWAL facilitators on issues or problems within their organisations and go through a creative thinking and learning process using the WAL formula to plan and implement organisational or divisional change.

What Does the Programme Involve?

With the guidance of the GCWAL facilitator and the use of the WAL formula, participants will:

  • Identify and diagnose the need for innovation and organisational change
  • Properly research the problem and process
  • Construct a design for a sustainable change plan
  • Lead and manage the people issues involved in the change process, and
  • Communicate change in a motivating and emotionally intelligent way

Participants will complete project plans and an implementation report of the project. Successful completion of this programme will result in the award of certification.

Further Pathways

On completion of this programme participants have the option to proceed to the WAL 2 for Change Programme and the WAL 3 for Change Programme for more advanced knowledge and practice of change management, using the WAL change model.