Our WAL for Change Programmes have been developed for Corporations, Associations and Public Sector Organisations, and are categorised as :

Work-Based Learning Programmes

The Work-Based Learning programmes are designed for individual change, and manager and team change.

The Individual Change programmes have a work-readiness focus in developing the human, business and management skills of people who are in the transition of change. They are designed for graduates and non-managerial staff, new managers and managers in transition, and emerging entrepreneurs and leaders.These programmes are offered by the Work-Readiness Institute Australia (WRIA) which is an associate of GCWAL.

The Individual Change programmes are as follows:

The Manager and Team Change programmes are as follows:

Work-Applied Learning Programmes

The Work-Applied Learning change programmes are designed for divisional or organisational change and involve chief executives, senior managers and emerging senior managers working with their departmental heads.