Journal of Work-Applied Management

We believe that work-applied management is an effective tool that can help organisations and companies around the world. In line with our mission to develop people in Work Applied Learning, we publish a quarterly journal for experts to share their findings and theories on work-applied management research.

The Journal of Work-Applied Management, previously known as the Gibaran Journal, was instituted in 2008 and renamed in 2015. With a sharp focus on work-applied management research, it provides an authoritative source of research findings for both academics and practitioners.

Its audience includes management professionals, including CEOs, as well as academics and practitioners. As such, it’s designed to be accessible and informative to support professionals in their work-applied learning.

The Journal publishes scholarly and peer-reviewed work on subjects including:

  • The application of management theory in practical business management situations
  • Emergent theory and innovation in practice
  • Case studies of real life practice and innovation
  • Applied management research findings
  • Theories of change management
  • Action research
  • Action learning

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