2013 Inaugural Work-Applied Learning (WAL) for Change Conference

13-14 November 2013 - Adelaide, South Australia

This conference on Work-Applied Learning (WAL) for Change showed how Work-Based Learning (WBL) and WAL results in individual and team learning, including organisational learning and change. The conference also shows the linkage between industry, research and education. This conference  brought together leading practitioners and scholars who demonstrated the value of learning and application for change in organisations.

As the conference will involve presentations and reflections, its design provides an opportunity for participants to reflections their own practices and organisational projects in the context of the concepts and real life examples presented.


This conference on Work-Applied Learning (WAL) for Change shows how Work-Based Learning (WBL) and WAL result in individual and team learning, including organisational learning and change. The conference also shows the linkage between industry, research and education. This conference will bring together leading practitioners and scholars who will demonstrate the value of learning and application for change in organisations.


Senior Managers and their teams benefited from this conference as it showed them how to empower their managers and leaders to learn, apply and introduce change in their workplace, with the option of undertaking studies leading to undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications. Academics involved in Change Management and Work-Based Learning or Work-Integrated Learning also found this conference useful. The maximum number of participants was restricted to approximately 100 participants.


As the conference involved presentations and reflections, its design provided an opportunity for participants to reflect on their own practices and organisational projects in the context of the concepts and real life examples presented.

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Conference Organisers

The Global Centre for Work-Applied Learning (GCWAL)

The Global Centre for Work-Applied Learning aims to bring together practitioners, scholars and organisations committed to Work-Applied Learning (WAL) and related areas in Australia and around the world. This meaningful collaboration results in research, industry based projects and publications, all of which will contribute to business and management knowledge and the practice of WAL globally. The Centre, as well as being an independent organisation, is also part of the Australian Institute of Business – Australia’s only private higher education business and management institute approved to offer the full suite of business programmes from BBA to PhD.

Conference Supporters

Middlesex University

Middlesex University’s pioneering Institute for Work-Based Learning provides research and strategic development of work- based learning across the university. In addition, the Institute partners directly with individual learners and organisations to create bespoke programmes from certificate through to doctorate level. Learning is focused on workplace activities and is aimed to extend workplace skills and the abilities of employees.

Action Learning, Action Research Association Inc (ALARA)

Action Learning, Action Research Association Inc (ALARA) was formed in 1991 (as Action Learning Action Research and Process Management Association). ALARA established itself as the world’s earliest action research professional association. It was the first to mount World Congresses for this field, bringing together theorists and practitioners with novices, innovators and managers. Renamed ALARA in 2007, the association has now held 8 World Congresses in Australian and International settings, over 20 Australasian conferences, and local workshops and seminars for members and their networks. ALARA produces a twice-yearly refereed Journal, occasional Monographs and World Congress Proceedings. Its membership includes some of the world leaders in Action Learning and Action Research.

Work-Applied Learning (WAL) incorporates the features of Work-Based Learning (WBL) and is grounded in a fused Action Research method and Action Learning process (ARAL). It is the addition of the ARAL approach which leads to not only individual learning by the managers and team learning, but also organisational learning, knowledge management and change, as managers and their teams, plan, act, observe, reflect, evaluate and validate their work-based projects through the action research cycles of WAL.

Emeritus Professor Selva Abraham
Chairman of the Global Centre for Work-Applied Learning

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