2014 Work-Applied Learning (WAL) for Change Conference

November 10th & 11th - Adelaide, South Australia

The Global Centre for Work-Applied Learning aims to bring together practitioners, scholars and organisations committed to Work-Applied Learning (WAL) and related areas in Australia and around the world. These collaborations result in industry-based projects, research and recognition of prior learning qualification pathways, all of which will contribute to knowledge and the practice of WAL globally.

The 2014 conference was jointly organised by the Global Centre for Work-Applied Learning (GCWAL) and the Australian Institute of Business (AIB). This conference on Work-Applied Learning (WAL) for Change showed how Work-Based Learning (WBL) and WAL results in individual and team learning, including organisational learning and change. The conference also showed the linkage between industry, research and education. This conference brought together leading practitioners and scholars who demonstrated the value of learning and application for change in organisations.

View the brochure of the past 2014 conference here.

Work-Applied Learning (WAL) incorporates the features of Work-Based Learning (WBL) and is grounded in a fused Action Research method and Action Learning process (ARAL). It is the addition of the ARAL approach which leads to not only individual learning by the managers and team learning, but also organisational learning, knowledge management and change, as managers and their teams, plan, act, observe, reflect, evaluate and validate their work based projects through the action research cycles of WAL.

Emeritus Professor Selva Abraham
Chairman of the Global Centre for Work-Applied Learning

Conference Organisers & Supporters

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